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Petrosen: General introduction

The Senegalese National Oil Company, PETROSEN, was created in May 1981 to serve as the implementing tool for the State's petroleum policy.

Petrosen's missions include:

For the Upstream sector:

  • Periodic evaluation of the Senegal basin petroleum potential;
  • Promotion of the petroleum potential to the international petroleum companies;
  • Participation with the operator companies to the exploration and production activities;
  • Technical management and control of the petroleum operations.

For the Downstream sector:

  • Participation in joint venture to the different segments of this sub-sector in sight of express the strategic objectives of the State.

PETROSEN is under the supervision of the Ministry in charge of the Energy sector, which through its Department of Energy ensures the control and follow-up of petroleum operations based on the Petroleum Code.

PETROSEN, in collaboration with the Department of Energy, prepares and negotiates all petroleum conventions and contracts. Conventions and Production Sharing Contracts (PSC) are signed between the Minister of Energy and the petroleum companies, while PETROSEN signs a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA).


Petrosen Promotion Tools

Petrosen offers promotional tools that are: the oil database, the center of geoscience, the pipeline system, the basic operation of oil, a legal and very favorabletax.